Friday, February 25, 2011

What does a baby see? nap time

...and this is what a Mom sees.
There's nothing quite like a happy baby after a nap. I'll think I hear a noise coming from Jack's room, not crying more like talking, but softly and intermittently. I've become an expert at the art of opening noisy, 70 year old doors silently. Its the right combination of pressure, speed and timing. As the door slowly opens and I peek through the crack, this is what I see:

Never before has anyone been so happy to see me when they wake up.  It feels amazing. I'd like to pass this on to everyone I know. Unfortunately, I am notoriously terrible to wake up. Just ask my brother and my husband, they have both felt the wrath. Someday I promise to wake up as utterly happy as Jack does. 


  1. beautiful beautiful images page! what a beautiful spirit, jack is....

  2. Thanks Marcy. He is a beautiful spirit.

  3. OMG...stop it stop it....yaaaayaaa he is too cute...and you are just making him cuter.

  4. This almost makes me want to procreate.