Saturday, June 11, 2011

What does a baby see? early summer.

From 6 months on, infants are said to have 20/40 vision, not too shabby. However, in my experience they have a pretty intense case of tunnel vision. When their eyes lock onto something, the have an iron clad focus that is rarely broken by anything else. And now that he moves on his own, forget about it.

There will probably be a lot of  hands and feet since much of Jack's attention is on the objects within reach.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

where does the time go?

I've been procrastinating. That's putting it gently. I've been avoiding my blog and my photography like the plauge. My "What does a baby see" project had been progressing at a nice clip until I had to face the inevitable. Jack is growing up. Its not that his tiny newborn clothes no longer fit him, or the teeth. Its not even the fact that he's crawling. All these things I've come to terms with relatively peacefully and have loved each new milestone.

I'm more in denial about his vision not being blurry anymore. I know it sounds terribly vain and self centered so let me explain. I'm happy, no, I'm ecstatic that he has terrific vision, but it left me in a lurch when it came to my photography project. I started the whole thing as a way to relate to this little person who did a whole lot of eating, sleeping and staring when he was born. Now that he is laughing, crawling, making jokes (at least he thinks its hilarious to throw things on the floor for me to pick up over and over...) I don't need to take photographs of what he sees to understand the way the world looks to him. Now that his vision is better we essentially see the same things.

I was pretty close to throwing in the towel, calling it good, it was fun while it lasted. This weekend, however, I was re-inspired. There is still a whole world that Jack is exploring and experiencing. While we see the same things, we still seem them so differently. So, I'm including a few final images from the good old blurry days. I took them on our big trip to Hawaii (more on that later). The new, sharper images will be posted soon.