Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What does a baby see? driving through Idaho

We drove to Idaho for Thanksgiving this year. It was bitterly cold, highs of -10 degrees and had recently snowed. Despite snow packed roads and freezing cold winds, Idaho in the winter provides some beautiful, stark landscapes--eye candy. As we drove through Carey, a small town in south central Idaho, the sun was starting to set. I couldn't help but think that a quiet but very alert Jack was taking in all the colors and the surroundings of his parent's home state; a place that never ceases to amaze us even after all these years.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

What does a baby see? first snow storm

The world went from brown and tan to white overnight. This years early snow fall meant Jack and I spent all day looking out the various windows of our house. I'm pretty sure it was more exciting for me.


mountain ash tree outside the dinning room window

view from the living room window

stepping out the back door

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What does a baby see? Dec. 9th

This has been a big month in Jack's world. Three months old almost and he's so much more aware of his surroundings. While the distinct lines in our house's architecture and contrast between paint colors still entertain him, he's noticing more and more about the world around him. I think he loves car trips and walks outside because of his  fascination with trees. Here are a couple of his most recent discoveries:
trees outside the window

feet. perhaps the most exciting of discoveries to date.

our dog Camaro.