Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

what does a baby see? Oct. 5th

I read somewhere that babies of Jack's age could focus on things 18 to 25 inches from their face. If that's all they can see clearly the rest of the world must seem like a dreamy wash of colors. When Jack was 19 days old I took my camera with me on my daily walk, set the focus to 18 inches away from the lens, used my 50mm and started capturing the world the way Jack would see it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

oct. 3rd

a walk and coffee stop at Le Petit Outre . oct. 3.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

my new world.

Yes, my last post was in June or July. I simply lost steam again. After having a brief moment this spring where I felt creative and inspired, I fell flat again. My life seemed to be consumed by my pregnancy both physically and mentally. As much as I was thinking about the little human growing in my belly, I simply didn't want to bring it to my blog. I wanted this space to be creative and less about me and more about my art. Funny how I tried to separate me from my art, can that even be done? Not really. So here it is, my life and my art all wrapped up in one.

On September 16th, at 6:50 pm Jack Walker Pedde, the little man that was inside only moments before, lay on my chest looking at me with sleepy, calm eyes. We already knew each other. I knew his sleep schedule.  I knew that he liked to sit with his long legs straight out at a 90 degree angle. I even knew what music made him dance around. He knew things about me that I'll never know, the sound of my heart, what I'm like from the inside. Most importantly he knew my voice and as he lay on my chest, his pale body against my flushed skin, my voice was just about the only thing he recognized.   

Needless to say, my world has been completely different since that point. So far I still feel like I'm exploring a new, exciting country and haven't started to miss the things I've left behind--and maybe I never will. One thing I'm determined to carry forward is art, whether its photography, writing or any other type of creative process. It just too important for my sanity.

Before Jack, I promised to take one photograph a day for the next year. It seemed easy enough. Well I've probably done this but most of the images are of a sleeping baby or a flash startled baby...not super exciting to the outside world. I will do my best to share the ones that are more creative and less, "mom in awe" but I'll have to throw some of those in there every once in awhile.

Waiting. Jack was five long days late. It seems like nothing now but they were the longest five days I've ever experienced.

1 day old
5 days old

Morning. 1 week old

10 days old
napping. 10 days old