Monday, November 17, 2008

cabin project

This is a project that I started working on over labor day when I was at "the cabin." My parents bought the small, no frills, cabin on Petit Lake when I was six or seven. I've been thinking a lot about how this place bolstered my imagination, built my connection to my family, created a love of the mountains and water...pretty significant place. Recently, my parents were discussing the idea of selling the cabin. This created a slight panic in me...not that I would loose it, but more that I wouldn't have a chance to really photograph this place. I've thought about it for years, the cabin project has loomed in my mind, but the idea of losing it lit a fire under my ass, so to speak. In this series and there are many, many more photos of both the inside and outside of the cabin, I was trying take photos of things that are very unique to the cabin and its character...most of the stuff came with the cabin. I was trying to capture the essence of the cabin but include the softening of images/memory that happens over time. I was really trying to photograph the things that were significant to me as a and adult...very fun. My project will eventually include words and my ultimate goal is to turn it into a book...handmade, blurb, pikto...haven't figured that part out yet.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mi Vacacion

I could know all the tech stuff in the world but I still would be lost on the blog page in Mexico. The blog itself is in english but all the login information was not...I was a quite lost for awhile. So here I am in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It has been a wonderfully relaxing vacation although quite different from anything I have ever experienced. Interesting to be in a different place where people love or hate you regardless of who you are. We are staying at a pretty classy resort and I've found myself retreating to its safe--if not bland--gringo world for most of this week. From the very get go, just off the plane, we were bombarded by people claiming to be from the hotel we are staying at, promising adventures, tequila, the world for no cost. I've never really experienced it on this level before. A couple of times that we have walked down the beach to go to the center of town and have had people yelling for us to eat at the restaurant, try their adventure company, drink, smoke, jewelry, blankets, mangos. It’s a tourist assault. Not since the propositioning prostitutes in San Jose, Costa Rica, have I felt so under attack just for being a visitor. I was even yelled at for speaking spanish to a guy. He FREAKED out! So we decided to stay within the roped off beach, among the Californians and Seattlites--not something I have ever opted for in a vacation. So how has this affected my photography? I am drawn to the quiet, the simple aspects of this place. It is amazingly beautiful and I'm trying to bask in the quiet and relaxing qualities that it brings. I’ve been fairly focused on the ocean. Will, just so you all know, is quite intrigued by the blog. We are sitting watching the elections--GObama--and he keeps checking in on my progress on the blog. He says he's never seen blogging in action and is quite interested.